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Social Security disability (SSD) benefits were created to create a income source to those whose physical or mental disabilities that keep or physically limit their ability to function at any type of gainful employment. Based on the facts and the type of your impairment, as either short-term or permanent, your social security disability benefits could be offered on a short-term or permanent basis. These kinds of legal cases are generally extremely complicated due to the fact Social Security Disability procedures require significant amounts of legal work, a number of qualification requirements, and lots of federal legal guidelines. The experienced Knoxville social security disability lawyers at our disability law firm have been effective litigating hundreds of SSD cases and have helped numerous disabled clients obtain the needed compensation they deserve.

Who Qualifies for Social Security Disability (SSD)?

There are numerous requirements a individual applying for benefits will have to meet, to qualify to obtain SSD benefits. The first step for qualifying for SSD benefits is going to depend on the nature of your disability. Evidence of permanent illness or injury, or a medical condition which has lasted, or is likely to last, longer than one calendar year is necessary. Additionally, an individual's physical overall condition has to keep you from carrying out the tasks of the applicants prior occupation as well as from obtaining a new profession a result of education, impairment or age.

Since SSD insurance is actually financed through the Social Security tax fund, applicants are required to have paid Social Security taxes by means of his or her earnings for a required period of time, to become eligible for disability benefits. Which means that a continuous employment record before having the illness or debilitating injury is necessary in order for the applicant to qualify. Referred to as earnings credits, employment background as well as FICA payments have a huge role in the applicant qualifying for SSD Disability claims with the social security administration can involve long periods of waiting for decisions, only to find that a case has been denied for benefits. For this reason, it makes sense to seek the advice and assistance of an attorney who specializes in representing disability claims.

There are many different methods to locate an attorney or lawyer in Tennessee for your legal needs, one means that is sometimes helpful--and underutilized--is contacting your State's Bar Group. These organizations typically keep a statewide list of attorneys and their areas of practice (including bankruptcy law, divorce law, personal injury law, and traffic law)Additionally, bar groups can help potential clients find legal representation for their needs through the use of a lawyer locator program. To find the best qualified legal representation for your case---in addition to using the standard means such as searching directories, relying on good referrals, and searching online---this is sometimes a beneficial option.

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We've effectively assisted a huge number of disabled clients obtain social security disability benefits that they were entitled to. We understand that disabilities, injuries and illnesses can prevent individuals from doing work and therefore this loss of income as well as productivity could be disastrous in lots of ways. The Knoxville disability attorneys at our law firm would like to assist you in the SSD application process, in order to provide you with the best chance of being accepted..