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If you should be injured at your workplace, you will need to document the injury in writing and send it to your employer right away, however no later than thirty 30 calendar days following the injury. In The state of Tennessee, a form needs to be submitted referred to as "First Report of Work Injury" needs to be completed.


You will be provided with a selection of three medical providers by your employer who are not associated together in anyway. The list of doctors or medical providers should be conveniently located near your place of residence. You will be able to choose one of the medical providers or physicians from the list. Your are then required to accept treatment from the selected medical provider and cannot be treated by any other provider unless the selected provider has referred you to another.


Should a medical doctor decide to take you off work due to your work related injuries for in excess of 7 days, you could be eligible for short-term disability payments. On the 8th day, you are entitled to one day's benefits, on the 9th day, you are entitled to two days' benefits, etc. Should you continue to remain of work due to your work related injuries more than 14 days, the 7 day waiting period you will be entitled to benefits for the fist seven days.

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