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Malpractice is actually a legal term used by lawyers and is normally associated with legal cases claiming many different circumstances resulting in personal injury or wrongful death to a patient. Malpractice law suits can allege a number of mistakes or claims of negligence made by doctors or other medical professionals, including misdiagnosis, mistreatment etc.

Accountability for a medical blunder can easily lie with a several parties from physicians and other healthcare professionals such as nurses and pharmacists along with the hospital management. In the event that you’ve been seriously injured as a result of medical error, our skilled lawyers can possibly assist you to determine legal responsibility and go after fair compensation from the party to blame for your unnecessary suffering.

Diseases Associated With Medical Malpractice

The top five diseases that receive monetary awards for malpractice, in terms of dollar value, are breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer (including colon cancer and rectal cancer), heart attack, and appendicitis. Surprisingly, the main allegation is a form of misdiagnosis, either delayed diagnosis or mismanagement of diagnostic testing. Typically, this delay or oversight leads to severe complications and often death. The severity of misdiagnosis of these conditions and the poor outcomes that may result tend to explain why large monetary awards can occur. For more information, contact us.

If you or someone you know has ever visited a doctor in need for some medical help, but instead you realize your health is increasingly getting worse over a certain period of time and you eventually realize that it is because of the doctor or nurses negligence, well you could and should be indeed compensated for this.

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