Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer in  Knoxville, TN

You have seen the television commercials. You have heard the radio ads. Several years ago, attorneys took to the airwaves to proclaim that bankruptcy as you knew it was going away. New laws were taking effect that could disqualify you from discharging your debt. That sense of urgency forced many people to act quickly.

Years later, Chapter 7 bankruptcy still remains an option for many people, though there are income and credit counseling requirements that have become part of the process. However, even with those additional obstacles, most clients who come to our law firm still qualify for some form of bankruptcy relief.

Get Started on Your Bankruptcy Filing Sooner Rather Than Later

We have helped our Tennessee neighbors resolve their financial problems; we can help you as well. The sooner you come in to see us, the sooner we can let your creditors know that calling or mailing you is no longer an option. Passing the means test is the first step. Once we have confirmed that qualification, we gather the information you provide us on your debts and move forward with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing.

Tennessee Bankruptcy Attorney Helping You Face the Challenges of a Debt Discharge:

No one will back a truck up to your front door and take your assets. You do not have to move out of your house or give up your car if you reaffirm those debts and continue payments. The decision to file bankruptcy is difficult. However, the challenges do not end there. The last thing you want to do is revisit this process. We want you to enjoy a future free from the stress of overwhelming debt.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced attorney regarding debt relief through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, please contact us today.